Friends of Hemming Park – Hurricane Irma Advisory

09.07.2017 (2:30pm update)

Based on recent forecasts and our communication with local authorities, the City of Jacksonville, the Governor’s Office, Jacksonville Public Library and the National Weather Service, the Friends of Hemming Park office will be closed Friday, Sept. 8, through Sunday, Sept. 10 and will remain closed until the “all clear” is given by city officials or once the City of Jacksonville considers it safe for operation.

Based on the predictions of tropical force winds arriving in the Jacksonville area over the weekend, the operations and management at Hemming Park will not be staffed as Hurricane Irma passes our area. For the safety of the park’s neighboring businesses and offices, Park Ambassadors have taken all necessary precautions to secure all items that have the potential to be affected by strong winds and possible flooding. Visitor safety is paramount as it pertains to Hemming Park during times of severe weather.

We encourage everyone to complete their hurricane preparations over the remainder of today and tomorrow. It is imperative that every member of the community takes this threat seriously and pays attention to updates from the National Hurricane Center if you are in an evacuation zone, mobile home or low-lying area.

We will do our best to keep you as updated as possible.

Continue monitoring the storm on various news outlets the progress of the storm at the National Hurricane Center website:

For Emergency Preparedness:
Get the latest information from the City of Jacksonville, Jax Ready site at