Meet Paul and Emily Ivey.

Paul Ivey is a Jacksonville native and musician who?has been playing guitar since the 6th grade when a friend needed a lead guitarist for his band. The first song he learned was Bad to the Bone. He now plays around town and in Hemming Park most Tuesdays from 11 a.m. 2 p.m.

Emily is a painter from Atlanta and has been in Jacksonville for 10 years. She has been painting pets since she was 15 years old. She can paint people as well, but has found that people really love their dogs.

Paul and Emily met at the beach where Paul and his band often played. We were friends first before we got married. We always tell each other that we are best friends. Their most memorable moment together was their wedding eight years ago.

They have two children, a dog, a rabbit, a guinea pig, and are not sure how many chickens they have, but just picked up four more from the store.

We are always in our hippy costumes, said Emily. But we have jobs, we make money, and hes a pretty successful musician. This is just how we look.

The Iveys agree that Jacksonvilles artist community is getting better. While theyre finding a lot more opportunities to meet peers, they would like to see venues like The Jacksonville Landing come alive again.

On their journey they have learned to roll with the changes. When their children are their age, Paul and Emily would like to see more hippies, less politicians, and cars running on renewable energy for cleaner air.