Denise Dermody, originally from Georgia, came to Jacksonville in 2015?after her husband passed away. She was able to stay with a friend for a few months, but eventually found herself at Trinity Rescue Mission. Determined to get her own place, she saved her money and in less than five months Denise moved into an apartment of her own.

Denise likes playing Rummy 5000 and socializing with friends in Hemming Park. Most of her friends call her Momma because of her nurturing and caring spirit. She is always checking up on people and helping out whenever she can.

Her lifes journey has taught her to be careful who you trust, be careful of where you go, and pay attention to whats going on around you so you dont get into trouble.

When asked if she carries anything?special with?her, she showed us pictures of her grandbabies on her phone.

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