From our CEO, Vince Cavin:

We at Hemming Park have been working tirelessly to put together programming and amenities that the public will enjoy. After two brainstorming sessions with the community, meetings with JSO, the Parks and Recreation department, cultural creatives, and institutions of all types, we are well on our way to transforming the park into a modern, urban space.

In a few short weeks, some changes will begin to surface in the physical space. Cafe tables, chairs, umbrellas, and new performance stages will begin to dot the landscape. We also will be demoing coffee and food vendors over the next few months as we experiment with the space in the park. This will be in tandem with an upcoming RFP for food and coffee vendors that are interested in bringing their culinary skills to the park on a more permanent and daily basis. More will be phased in over the next few months, and we’re excited to share our specific plans over the next couple of weeks.

Our events are shaping up. We just landed our first Hemming Park Signature Event, Ballenarca: The Whale Ark. These “signature” events have a huge part of our involvement, as we develop and execute the event idea. We are also lining up other programming, including events by community partners, yoga classes, fitness bootcamps, daily musical performances, concerts, food festivals, and extreme sporting events. This is just the beginning. Please come and join us in the park as we continue to explore the potential of Jacksonville’s oldest public square.